9th Swiss stem cell network Annual Meeting


Daniel Surbek, Volker Enzmann, Hans Ruedi Widmer


  • Zaal Kokaia (University of Lund) Stem cells, stroke and inflammation
  • Ivan Martin (University of Basel) Cartilage tissue engineering: from the nose to the knee
  • Isabelle Plaisance (University of Lausanne) Control of lineage specification by the notch pathway in human cardiac precursor cells
  • Olga Shakhova (University of Zurich) Melanoma biology: lessons from stem cells
  • Morten Meyer (Odense) Dopaminergic differentiation of human neural stem cells: effect of levodopa
  • Mike Karl (Dresden) Age-dependent neuronal regeneration of mouse retina
  • Raphael Guzman (University of Basel) Cell transplantation for spinal cord injury: from bench to bedside
  • Craig Nowell (EPFL Lausanne) Nptch1 maintains corneal epithelial identity by attenuating AP-1 mediated inflammation
  • Marisa Jaconi (University of Geneva) Modeling early heart development in Down Syndrome using sibling hESC lines
  • Marta Roccio (University of Bern) Predicting stem cell fate changes by differential cell cycle progression patterns
  • Eliane J. Müller (VetSuisse Bern) Intercellular adhesion balances quiescence versus activation in skin stem cells
  • Dirk Schübeler (FMI University of Basel) Instructing the epigenome in stem and differentiated cells