14th Swiss stem cell network Annual Meeting

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Constance Ciaudo, Anton Wutz, Gerald Schwank


  • Raffaella Santoro (University of Zurich) Regulation of genome architecture in ground state pluripotent stem cells
  • Claire Rougeulle (Diderot University) Evolution of the RNA circuitry controlling X chromosome inactivation in mammals
  • Joerg Betschinger (Friedrich Miescher Institute) To B or not to B
  • Nicolas Rivron (Hubrecht Institute) Blastoids: blastocyst-like structures form solely from stem cells and implant in utero
  • Marlen Knobloch (University of Lausanne) Metabolic regulation of neural stem cell behavior
  • Prisca Liberali (FMI Basel) Self-organization and symmetry breaking in intestinal organoid development